Go on…..place the order!

We met with Nick at Piper yesterday with a view to discussing layout, specification and general chat .   When we arrived for our meeting, Nick told us that they were now able to offer us a delivery slot in March 2017 as a result of an American customer cancelling his order.  However, they would need to have our deposit by the end of the following week. This was, of course, understandable.   Furthermore, they would include stainless steel bollards and rails, within the basic price, as an incentive for us to confirm the order.    We discussed various items at our meeting and left agreeing to get back in touch with them early next week.   I was impressed by my ability to resist giving him the deposit there and then!

Initial layout and specification

We were still undecided as to exactly what layout we wanted so it is only today that we finally sent an email to Piper telling them what we wanted in terms of layout and our basic specification and asking for approximate costings and delivery. We received a reply by return with pricing, additional costs (transport, launch, fuel) and allowances.  Fortunately for us, delivery is still being quoted as July/August 2017.

We will take the standard specification and initially will add the following items:

Stainless steel rails and bollards
Flexiteek to stern
Bow and stern thruster
Refleks stove
Twin LNB auto skew satellite dish
Solar panels

Here is our possible layout though I am sure we will be making many changes to this in due course.initial-layout

Decision made

We have been considering a Dutch Barge for some time and have visited the Piper Weekend at Henley in 2013 and 2015.    Subsequently we looked at various other models and makes but we finally came to the conclusion that it was a Piper we wanted.   The problem is that Piper were always (and still are) quoting delivery 12 months(or more) away and we found this off-putting.     David is not great at waiting and does not relish the thought of waiting that long to take delivery of a new boat.  Of course, the fact that we haven’t placed an order means that we aren’t getting any closer to getting a barge.  In fact, the delivery slots are getting further away!    So we have now decided to bite the bullet. We have finally decided that we will order a Dutch Barge and it will be from Piper Boats Ltd. Here we go!

It must be said that at the two shows we visited at Henley and in our subsequent communications with Piper, there was never any pressure applied with regard to us placing an order.  This was very reassuring.