Wheelhouse window blinds sorted!

We have spent many hours trying to decide how we were going to solve the issue of window coverings for the wheelhouse windows.    We wanted something that would be visually attractive and serve the triple purpose of partially blocking out the sunlight when we are sitting in there, blacking out the windows when anyone is sleeping in the occasional double berth in there and to hide the interior from prying eyes when we leave the boat unattended.

The difficulty in choosing was that the wheelhouse folds down to accommodate access under low bridges and it has three arch topped front windows.

We were offered many suggestions of different possibilities by different people but we were having great difficulty in deciding what would suit us best.

In the end, after much deliberation, we decided that 25mm aluminium venetian blinds would be the best solution for us.    We contacted a local blind supplier who visited us and quoted £1200 to supply and fit the blinds.   This was a little more than we had anticipated so I was prompted to measure each window and see what I could buy the blinds for.   I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could buy all eleven made to measure blinds for £300!   Even better, I could order them and they would be delivered next day!

Measurements checked and double checked, I ordered the blinds and they duly arrived next day.   (www.web-blinds.com).   Me being me, I had them fitted the next day, am very happy with the results and even happier that I was able to save £900 as compared to the supplier’s quote.

The blinds have given the wheelhouse a much more homely feel as well as serving the purposes we were looking to achieve.




2 thoughts on “Wheelhouse window blinds sorted!”

  1. Thank you David and Angie – you have solved what was proving to be a problem for us too – what to do in the wheelhouse with the windows? Blinds look good and are practical when the w/house doors are open and maybe it’s raining!
    Great pictures and info.
    What’s next to sort?

    Nicola and Bob


    1. Hi Nicola and Bob,
      Thank you and glad we’ve been able to help. We’re just about there now as far as sorting out goes. We have ordered a cockpit canopy but that doesn’t get fitted until the end of May due to long lead times (ordered in February!) so now we are going to spend more time cruising and relaxing.
      David and Angie


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