Bespoke Mattress

When we had our narrowboat we replaced the mattress  and were very happy with it even after it had a lot of use.

So when we needed a mattress for Steel Away, we had no hesitation in going back to the same supplier.   Our mattress needed to be “bespoke” in that it is vey slighty shaped at the foot end.

We contacted The Edwardian Bedding Co., at Mexborough, South Yorkshire, sent them a dimensioned plan and once again, they performed admirably.   We wanted a fully sprung pocket spring mattress which was to be of different density on each “half”- firm on one half and medium on the other.   No problem  they said and they even suggested that they could do the opposite on the reverse side so that we could turn the mattress regularly and still have the same comfort level on each half.   We ordered the mattress and top it all, they delivered the mattress 7 working days after we placed the order!

Needless to say, If you are in the market for a mattress for your boat, we thoroughly recommend The Edwardian Bedding Co.


Here is a link to their website   Don’t be put off by the basic website.  Their service more than makes up for that.

We have no connection with this business and make this recommendation purely as a result of the service we have received from them on two occasions.

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