Happy bunnies!

We spent three nights on board Steel Away over the weekend.   She is sitting in Piper Boats’ yard.   The weather was absolutely atrocious- constant strong wind and lots of torrential rain.  Doesn’t sound very good but, in fact, I’d say it was perfect weather for testing the systems and everything else that is part and parcel of building a new boat.

I’m pleased to say that she passed with flying colours!

Yes, of course we produced a short list of “snags” as they are so called.   But, I know from my career in house building that what we produce was a relatively short list of mainly “nit picking” items.

What was abunduntaly clear was the desire of everyone at Piper to produce a first class finish and an excellent product.  Angie and I both clearly felt this more and more as the weekend progressed and we were able to look more closely at the build. It is also abundantly clear that they want us, as customers, to be happy with our purchase.   We could not have asked for anything more from any of the staff right across the board – directors, office staff, designers, steelworkers,joiners, painters, they have all made us feel welcome.

As a result of the weather, I was unable to fly my drone as I had hoped and there was little point in taking exterior photographs.   However we were as warm as toast with the heating and refleks stove going.   In fact, once the heating had warmed the fabric of the boat, the refleks stove just kept the boat at a nice temperature.  So here’s a few internal shots which, I hope, reflects the warmth and comfort that we were feeling.

7 thoughts on “Happy bunnies!”

  1. Fantastic! She looks amazing, really warm and cosy. I’m so pleased you and Angie had a good weekend testing her. Love Sue ⚓️
    Next step her launch 🍾


    1. Thanks Sue. We are launchung her on 29th March! Hope you are having a good time and enjoying some sunshine.


  2. So glad you had a successful ‘test’ weekend – it all looks fantastic and so reassuring to read your very positive remarks about the Piper team.

    Only 28 days to go to launch – got the magnum ready?


    1. Thank you Grit! We’re looking forward to launching at the end of March and both looking forward to seeing you and Ernst in June.


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