Build finished!

We visited our boat builder today and watched Steel Away being brought out from the fit out shop into the yard.

The build is finished and we will stay on board over this coming weekend to try out all systems etc before bringing her to the Thames for launch at the end of March.

Here is a 3 minute video showing the build progress. 21 weeks from start to finish.   I’d say that is pretty impressive.

8 thoughts on “Build finished!”

  1. What an exciting project. To see a pile of metal and wood turned into that beautiful vessel is inspiring. It looks fabulous David and Angie, I wish you many, many happy hours on board. xx


  2. Your boat looks absolutely fab!
    Can’t wait for ours to start. Your pics and videos have been so interesting for us

    Have a really great weekend! Test everything!


  3. Lovely to see and read your article. Once we have sold our narrow beamed Dutch barge we too will be joining the piper family.
    We look forward to meeting you one day. if you make the journey up to abingdon once you get up and running I’ll make myself known to you.
    Great choice of boat great choice of boat builder.
    Regards James and Julie Law


    1. Thanks for your kind comments James and Julie. We enjoyed visiting Abingdon when we did the “Grand Ring” on our narrowboat about three years ago and will certainly visit again in due course. We hope to meet you then, and good luck with your sale!
      David & Angie


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