Gas Fuse – chandlery vs retailer

I can recall numerous occasions in my boating past where I have compared prices for products between chandlers store and a “normal” retail outlet.   Invariably, the retail outlet were offering a better price.

I’ve just had the same experience again.   We have propane gas on board (which is only used for cooking) and I wanted a Gas Fuse which is an additional security measure as fas as the gas system is concerned.  Here it is:gas-fuse

I duly did my search on line and found only two suppliers in the UK.   One was a chandler who was selling at £49.99 and the other was an online store who’s description was “everything you need to help you cook great food in the great outdoors”.   They were selling at £30.01. did read that right….60% more at expensive at the chandlery!

You can guess where I bought mine from and thank goodness for the internet…and for the record, the goods arrived within 3 days of ordering!

2 thoughts on “Gas Fuse – chandlery vs retailer”

  1. Beautiful!! Sure looks different from first few pictures that you sent. Bet you can put a lot of beer in that refrig.. Ang we hope you were well paid for your part in this video, you did a very professional job!


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