About the name “Steel Away”

We have had a couple of other new boats built in the past where we have been able to choose the name.   We have also bought a couple of  used boats where the owner retained the name.   Whilst it is considered unlucky to change the name of a boat,in these cases you have no choice otherwise you will be sailing in an un-named boat.  In every one of our name choices, we have used an anagram of two initials from Angie’s name, two from mine and two from each of our daughter christian names.

This resulted in our boats having been called one of the following:

Relanda (2 different boats) and Princess Relanda (no prizes for guessing why but you can check it out here.)

However, given that our family name is Steel and the barge is built from steel, when we thought about a name for her, It just seemed natural that it should include the word steel.   Add to that the fact that we are planning on living on her for a considerable time, which means that we will be “away”.    So Steel Away seemed like an obvious choice.   Add to that the fact that Steel Away is a very well known and much covered Spiritual song and we find boating on the water is great for replenishing our spirit, we decided that the name couldn’t be anything else.

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