Open weekend at Henley

We attended the Piper open weekend at Henley over the weekend just past.  Piper confirmed that our steel had been delivered and that they would start cutting it out on Tuesday.  I agreed to make our payment in accordance with therms of our contract.

We spent time discussing details of the layout and a motorcycle carrying platform that I wanted to design and have installed on the stern of the boat with Simon, Nick and Joe the CAD designer at Piper.  Simon suggested that I would be doing Evel Knievel stunts to get the bike onto the platform.   Nick had some discussions with Simon and as a result of that, suggested that they would be able to weld some support brackets onto the stern to accommodate my requirements.   Nick then suggested that the best way forward was for me to have the platform manufactured, deliver it to them and they would work out a way of fitting it.    They will need the platform (or at least the fixing brackets) at the factory by the first week of November as the steel work would be completed by mid-November and it would be better to have the brackets welded into place whilst the hull was being built in the steel shop.

We spent some time with Joe and he was very efficient at redesigning various items in front of our eyes.  The wonders of CAD!

We also spent lots of time talking to and picking the brains of the many owners who were there and allowing Piper to use their boats as “show” boats.

Finally, we enjoyed some good music, food, beer and wine in the marquee adjacent to the river.


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